About This Course

Flutter is an open-source framework used to build native-looking iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. Flutter can be used to quickly and easily develop apps for different operating systems. Flutter is not a programming language. It’s a software development kit (SDK) with prewritten code, consisting of ready-to-use and customizable widgets, as well as libraries, tools, and documentation that together serve to build cross-platform apps.

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What You’ll Learn?
  • Introduction to Flutter framework, its architecture, and key concepts.
  • Understanding the Flutter widget tree, widget lifecycle, and how widgets render UI.
  • Dart syntax, data types, variables, functions, control structures. Object-oriented programming concepts in Dart: classes, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.
  • Different types of Flutter widgets: Stateless, Stateful, Layout, Material Design, Cupertino, Custom widgets.
  • Building user interfaces with Flutter: managing layouts, handling user input, creating responsive designs.


  • No prior knowledge of Wordpress is required as everything will be covered in this course.
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge helps, but isn't a must-have
  • You don't need any coding experience at all. That is the beauty of Wordpress.
  • Basic understanding of programming concepts and knowledge of a programming language (such as Dart, Java, JavaScript, or Python)
  • Proficiency in using computers, navigating file systems, and basic command-line operations is beneficial for working with Flutter.

Topics for This Course

Get started with Lifeboat Technologies Flutter Training and become expert in building iOS and Android apps.

  • Introduction to Mobile App Development
  • Understanding Flutter and its role in cross-platform app development.
  • Why Flutter?
  • Features of Flutter
  • What is Open Source Project?
  • Setting up the development environment (Flutter SDK, IDE).

  • Dart language fundamentals.
  • Variables, data types, and operators.
  • Linux Kernel
  • Control flow: conditionals and loops.

  • Exploring Flutter's rich set of pre-built widgets.
  • Building user interfaces with StatelessWidget and StatefulWidget
  • Customizing widgets for a personalized user experience.

  • Navigating between screens and managing app routes.
  • Passing data between screens.
  • Implementing navigation patterns in Flutter apps

  • Understanding different state management approaches.
  • Managing app state with setState, Provider, and Bloc.
  • Best practices for efficient state management.

  • Building responsive layouts with Flutter.
  • Working with rows, columns, and containers.
  • Implementing complex layouts with Flutter's flexibility.

  • Creating engaging animations using Flutter.
  • Tween animations, Hero animations, and custom animations.
  • Integrating motion into your Flutter applications.

  • Making HTTP requests in Flutter.
  • Parsing JSON data and handling responses.
  • Integrating external APIs into Flutter applications.

Course Includes:

  • book iconLessons: 35
  • Sessions: 7 Weeks
  • Enrolled: 34 students
  • Language: English, Telugu
  • Certificate: Yes

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I Personally,adore the way of teaching provided by LifeBoat Technologies. Good support and tutors are very supportive in each and every aspect during the process of learning.Staff members are helpful in each and every way.it's a great place to build knowledge

Sinangaram Monika
Software Engineer

This institute is probably the best choice for a beginner developer who doesn't have any programming experience in any programming language. Then I immediately joined and learned very confidently.You will get all types of features including job placements.

Uday Eega
iOS Developer

I strongly recommend this institution.It is the correct base for ur destination in ios and android you will find best faculty with friendly environment which make student comfortable to clarify our queries. Experienced faculty and amazing teaching skill.They have come with very new strategies for easy way of learning

Devops Engineer